Buying your USA Cycling License

So, how do you get said awesome USAC license? I don’t like reinventing the wheel and this club does an excellent job describing the differences:

Just sub in University of Arizona where ever they talk about Shipenburg.

Step by step:
1.) Go to, click sign in
2.) Fill out the info on the left side name, d.o.b, hit continue
3.) It’ll ask for some more info, an e-mail, username, pass, etc.
4.) Then you sign in with your newly created account. yay!
5.) License time! Click the license button, then purchase new license
6.) Select either collegiate (just remember you can ONLY race collegiate then…so this is not recommended) or select Road Primary and then collegiate as an add-on (its free)
7.) Say yes to the waivers
8.) Select University of Arizona for your clubs (unless you have a different club you will ride for in non-collegiate events)
9.) pay
10.) done! Your license will arrive in about a week or so. In the mean time on the homepage you can print an “Authorization to Ride” which shows you can race your bike. You can also pull this up on a smartphone (USA cycling has an app too).

Any questions or problems, let me know and I’ll do the best I can to help.