Spring Update

We hope everyone had a restful break and you’re ready for the new semester! Here are some updated for the team and how you can get involved:

1.) Contact us on how to join. Dues are $40 and get you a team mask, water bottle, plus access to all our sweeeeet sponsor discounts!

2.) Once you’ve joined, you can come on our rides. Currently:
Mondays @ 8 AM: skill practice at Rillito Downs. We’ll work on turns, sprints, and other handling drills.
Wednesdays @ 9 AM: Foothills ride. I’ll lead a group into the foothills for some fun (and sometimes steep!) hills. Expect ~30-40 miles and 8-10 hills, but you can turn back at any point in time. We’ll re-group at the top of each hill.
Thursdays @ 8 AM (weather permitting): doughnuts at the park. We’ll meet at the park off Bonita and Congress for doughnuts and empanadas (provided by the team). We may swap this to the afternoon if it is chilly.

Later in February: time trial series. We’ll do a ‘most improved’ rider award over the course of 4 time trials—more details when we get closer to that.
General requirements from the school for all rides:
1.) Only current team members can attend rides
2.) Complete the Wildcat Wellness Check before the ride: https://wellcheck.arizona.edu/
3.) Complete a weekly COVID test. On campus is the easiest, and they use the new saline swish instead of the nasal swab.
4.) Masks are required.
We hope to see you on the road soon! Bear Down!

Ready to shred??

We hope you’ve settled into the new and different semester. Now the question is…are you ready to shred?!

If so, here is how to get our communications:
Go to: https://list.arizona.edu/sympa/
Log in with your UA net id (or create an account if you don’t want to use your school e-mail).
In the right search for uacycling
Follow the steps to join from there
On this website, you’ll also be able to browse the archive to see anything you’ve missed.

If you have Facebook, you can join our member group:
All activities are cross-posted on FB and the e-mail list.

Ok, so now you’re all set for team communications, now to officially join!
Head to the Rec’s website and fill out the Assumption of Risk and Code of Conduct forms. Send us an e-mail: uacyclingclub(at)gmail.com letting us know (replace (at) with @). We’ll reply with how to pay dues. What do dues get you?
-A team mask ($10 value)…we’ll figure out some way to get them to you.
-Donuts and empanadas when we start coffee at the park ($6-10 value depending on the number of meetings)
-Team pricing on our kits
-Access to all our sweet sponsor deals (20% off R-Bars, 40% off SRAM, Sidi, and Skratch, Fair Wheel discount 10-15%, 20% off Garmin, 25% off Vittoria, $25 off at Applied Physical Medicine… and more!).

And that’s it! In 5 minutes you’ll be an official member of the team! We’ll send out sponsorship access in the second week of September.

Fall Updates

We wanted to pass along some plans that the leadership team has put together.
The bad news:

1.) Unfortunately, we had to cancel the mountain bike season and Labor Day retreat. We couldn’t, in good conscience, organize a season that has us traveling and congregating across the southwest.

2.) Cyclocross is still very much up in the air. We probably won’t host a race open to the public this season.

3.) For now, we’ll pause weekly team group rides. We’d like to wait and see how the first couple of weeks play out.

Ok, now the better news:
1.) All dues-paying members ($40) will get a custom team mask and water bottle.
2.) The team meeting/coffee ride will be outdoors (park TBD and weather dependent). Being outside will give us space to spread out a bit, but we’ll ask you to bring a mask. Since we won’t be racing this semester, the team will provide and distribute doughnuts/empanadas- you’ll have to bring any coffee or tea.
3.) We’ll utilize Segment Cup for some friendly weekly competition:
The website allows us to select ten segments with points awarded for the fastest times. We’ll run this for road and MTB. Winners will receive swag from our sponsors. It does require a Strava premium account ($60/year), but since we won’t collect race dues for this semester, it is a reasonably even swap. Plus, you’ll get access to the new mapping tool, which is incredibly useful when riding in new areas.
4.) We’ll have a “most improved rider” series using A Mountain. It’ll be a five-event series spaced out every two weeks. The first event will establish your base time, and then subsequent weeks will award points based on who improved the most (prizes for the fastest ride of the week as well). We’ll collect times using the Strava segment. I’ll have more details later.
5.) We’ll have scavenger hunts. An experienced rider on the team will select an object/area to take a photo at and then post clues. The first rider to post the photo wins the prize.
6.) Later in the fall, we’re looking at holding a small cyclocross omnium consisting of track and field events:
-Fastest lap
-Sandy hill climb (like a long jump)
-Bunny hop (like a high jump)
-Match sprint

7.) We may hold small weekly non-contact skills rides with masks/buffs a few weeks into the semester.

Finally, a note on group rides.
We strongly recommend keeping it small and forming a riding group of 3-4 you trust. If you are a new member, we’ll try to facilitate this. Again, we’d like to see how the first few weeks of the semester plays out.

Additional guidelines for rides can be found here:

Of course, this is all subject to change based on caseload, public health guidelines, and UA policies.