BioPark Blast Crit and Oracale Road Race

This past weekend the club hosted our annual BioPark Blast criterium and a new road race in Oracle, AZ. Both events were a huge success! The crit had over 300 riders and the road race netted over 400! The performed excellently across all fields:

1st in the Men’s B with Schuyler Burns
1st in Men’s A with Quinn Keogh
2nd in Women’s B with Jenny Quijada
3rd in Women’s A with Kim Truitt

For the TTT:
1st and 3rd in Men’s A
1st in Men’s B
2nd in Men’s C
1st in Women’s B
2nd in Women’s A

In the Road Race:
1st in Men’s A with Quinn
1st in Men’s B with David Greif (on a flat tire!)
1st in Men’s C
4th in Women’s A
3rd in Women’s B

While the results are still being finalized and the points updated, it looks like we should take the lead in the conference omnium over ASU! We have a weekend off from collegiate racing and pick back up with the ASU Crit and McDowell Mountain Circuit race.

Past Semester Recap and New Road Season

Many exciting developments have been made over the past year and the University of Arizona Cycling Club is exciting to be making progress as a competitive team and a growing presence in our community.

Most importantly, the UA has been recognized by USA Cycling to be the cycling club with the most growth in 2013! Please read more about that over at USA Cycling –

The club is also proud to not have developing road and mountain biking squads but this year we were able to send a small squad to race at USA Cycling Cyclo-cross Nationals in Boulder, CO from Jan 8-12, 2014.