About the Team


The University of Arizona Cycling Team is where UA faculty, staff, graduate, and undergraduate students alike come together to enjoy riding. We have regular group rides, race, support the larger cycling community, and have fun doing it. Road, MTB (endurance and gravity), Cross, BMX, and even track- you’ll find a home on our team! All levels and types of riders are welcome to join. Even if you don’t want to race, the benefits of team membership include group rides, official University of Arizona Cycling clothing, skills development, access to team events, and sponsor discounts.


Since 1984, we have promoted cycling and professionally represented our sponsors at national events. The University of Arizona Cycling Team has not only been a place for collegiate cyclists to develop into professional athletes but is also a place to see the energy and commitment of young cyclists in our community. The team doesn’t just support its successful race team but strives to promote sustainability in our community. We achieve this through the enthusiasm of our members and the support of our sponsors, friends, family, and the local community.

How to Join

If you are interested in becoming a member, you just need to be a UA Affiliate and pay $40 dues. The benefit of being a dues-paying member is the many discounts extended to us by our sponsors, such as Fair Wheel Bikes, SRAM, R-Bar Organics, and many more. Please contact us to learn more about membership discounts or ordering UA Cycling kits, or come to a regular ride or team meeting. To be aware of news and team updates, please sign up for our listserv emails and connect with us on our social media outlets.

Subscribing to e-mail list:

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Contact Us

If you have any general questions regarding the team, please fill out the contact form below to send an email to our team officers.

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    Current Officers:
    Thomas Oldham- President
    Emmi Gilbert- VP Road
    Mary Gordon- VP CX
    Adam Ptaszek- VP MTB
    Luke Mas- Treasurer
    Adam Katheder + Cass Frost- Clothing Coordinator
    Luke Mas and James Rockow- Adventure Coordinator
    Mary Gordon and Cass Frost – Social Media and Secretary
    Joey Iuliano, PhD – Director

    Mailing Address
    University of Arizona Cycling
    Student Recreation Center
    1400 E 6th St.
    Tucson, AZ, 85719