Big News and Important Updates

President – Ben Elias
Vice-President (in a British Parliamentary sort of way) – Russ Edge
Race Coordinator – Joey Iuliano, joining us from Purdue
Treasurer – Danny Pagano (also assisting in the kit redesign)
As of this afternoon, I have paid for the order received by Chris Ramsey at Fairwheel. If you were in this order, I have your stuff but if you ordered a bike it will still be at Fairwheel and bikes need to paid for directly to Fairwheel, it will be under your name. If you haven’t received your stuff, email me, call me, I want you to have your gear. You need to pay me preferably by cash or check.
For those who ordered kits and have not received them, contact me. If you didn’t order a kit, we still have extras and they are for sale. $60 for a jersey, $70 for bibs. We also have a limited number of higher quality Women’s Summit line bibs. Let me know if you are interested in those as well.
We have secured permits to be on the mall to recruit new members for our club. We will be on the mall Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week leading to our first meeting on Thursday. Every one of those days I will be setting up a tent, table, info and a trainer for the club to use. We will plan on being out there from 9am to around 3pm. For Tues/Wed, we will have to be out on the Alumni Plaza in front of the Admin building but on Thursday we have prime placement right in front of the Student Union. I will also bring our kits so members can buy them if they want. I can also bring the Specialized Order so those who need to pick up their stuff can. Let me know if you can help volunteer or bring a trainer. Although it is still cold out, come out, bring your bike and spin to keep warm, answer questions for new members and help recruit to build a bigger, better, more active cycling club!
Our first meeting of the semester will be a more formal meeting in a conference room at Campus Rec. We want to welcome new members and give the scoop on upcoming events. Following meetings will most likely be held at a campus eatery such as No Anchovies and will be more informal but it will be a great opportunity to hang out and stay connected with the club. The first meeting will be held in the North Conference Room on the 2nd floor of the Rec Center at 4pm on Thursday, Jan 17. If you don’t know where this is go to the Rec website and look at the floor plan.
Next weekend is the first collegiate road race of the season up at ASU with the UA Crit following the next week on Feb 2nd. Our new course is at the UA Biopark. For those interested in racing, please come to the tent on the mall, the meeting on Thursday or email me or Joey to get more details. Please stay updated with the facebook page, that is where we post most of our rides. This last week we had a great introduction to the cornering skills you need to know for crit races out at the UA Biopark course where the UA Crit is this year. Here is the event page by the way:
Any additional questions? Feel free to email or call. Thanks.
Ben Elias
UA Cycling Club, President