BioPark Blast Crit and Oracale Road Race

This past weekend the club hosted our annual BioPark Blast criterium and a new road race in Oracle, AZ. Both events were a huge success! The crit had over 300 riders and the road race netted over 400! The performed excellently across all fields:

1st in the Men’s B with Schuyler Burns
1st in Men’s A with Quinn Keogh
2nd in Women’s B with Jenny Quijada
3rd in Women’s A with Kim Truitt

For the TTT:
1st and 3rd in Men’s A
1st in Men’s B
2nd in Men’s C
1st in Women’s B
2nd in Women’s A

In the Road Race:
1st in Men’s A with Quinn
1st in Men’s B with David Greif (on a flat tire!)
1st in Men’s C
4th in Women’s A
3rd in Women’s B

While the results are still being finalized and the points updated, it looks like we should take the lead in the conference omnium over ASU! We have a weekend off from collegiate racing and pick back up with the ASU Crit and McDowell Mountain Circuit race.