Weekly Club Group Rides

Ride Times: All rides meet at the flag pole by Old Main unless stated otherwise in an e-mail. All rides are no drop- we won’t leave you in the desert- except Tuesday or Saturday Morning. No rides during class breaks! We strongly recommend joining the e-mail list to get ride information- the rides listed below generally happen, but not always (e-mail list directions are under About the team). Ride times will shift as the sunrise gets later. MTB and CX rides are organized through the e-mail list.

Day Ride Duration Distance Meet Time Leader
Monday Mosey/Skills
(alternates each week)
Easy ride 1.0-1.5 hr Max 20 mi 7:30 am Alexis
Tuesday Shoot Out*
Meet at Starbucks on University/Euclid
Fast Hard Ride
(20+ mph)
1.5 hrs1.5-2hr 35 mi 7:30 am
No Drop Tuesday Alt. to the TMFR 1.5-2 hrs ~30 miles When posted Shelby and Steph
Tuesday Urban Assualt MTB ride 1 hr ~10 mi When posted Shota
Wednesday Hills Rolling around the foothills 2 hrs 30-40 mi 7:30 am Joey
Thursday Coffee Easy Cafe Ride 1.0  hr Max 10 mi 7:30 am James
Thursday Meeting Weekly Team Meeting 30-45 min n/a 6:00 PM (see e-mail for meeting location)
Friday Freewheelin’ TTT or Crit Practice 2 hrs 30-40 mi 7:30 am Cara/Tim
Meet at Starbucks on University/Euclid
Shoot Out
Scoot Out (more civil version)
3-4 hrs 60-80 mi 7:30 am
7:15 am
Joe A.
Sunday Race or Long Ride 3-4 hrs 50-80 mi 7:30 am Ethan and Jake

Fair Wheel Rides:

Saturday Shootout (drop ride)
*Tuesday Shootout (drop ride)
Mt Lemmon Wednesdays
Start times and routes here

For the best collection of Tucson’s trails, please visit Sonoran Desert Mountain Bikers

Wanna see what other riders have been doing? Take a look at our club Strava http://app.strava.com/clubs/university-of-arizona-cycling