Collegiate Cycling

As a part of the Southwest Collegiate Cycling Conference, under the umbrella of the USA Cycling’s collegiate arm, the National Collegiate Cycling Association, The University of Arizona Cycling Club gets the opportunity to race against other collegiate riders in a variety of disciplines in Arizona, New Mexico, and West Texas. We currently participate in collegiate racing nearly year-round, mountain biking in the fall, cyclocross in the winter, and road in the spring. We also get the chance to compete at USA Cycling Collegiate National Championships in these disciplines. Team success is based on a points system. For each race during the season, riders compete in categories (A-C for men, A-B for women). Results are weighted according to category and added up across races. Thus, riders of all ability levels can contribute to the overall success of the team. In addition to our collegiate schedule, many of our members are taking the opportunity to race in amateur categories at regional events and racing at other non-USAC races. We are very proud of our racing results, with top results in our conference and four national championship titles, as well as producing two Olympians/Olympic Long Team member alumni and one All-American rider.

Purchasing A Racing License

By purchasing a racing license, you not only receive savings after attending multiple races but collegiate license holders also have access to discounts on partnering companies through USA Cycling and (

Purchasing a USAC Collegiate License – Step by step:
1.) Go to, click sign in
2.) Fill out the info on the left side name, d.o.b, hit continue
3.) It’ll ask for some more info, an e-mail, username, pass, etc.
4.) Then you sign in with your newly created account. yay!
5.) License time! Click the license button, then purchase new license
6.) Select either collegiate (just remember you can ONLY race collegiate then…so this is not recommended) or select Road Primary and then collegiate as an add-on (its free)
7.) Say yes to the waivers
8.) Select University of Arizona for your clubs (unless you have a different club you will ride for in non-collegiate events)
9.) Pay
10.) Done! Your license will arrive in about a week or so. In the meantime, on the homepage, you can print an “Authorization to Ride” which shows you can race your bike. You can also pull this up on a smartphone (USA cycling has an app too).