2018 Road Nationals: Roster

We’re taking an all-star crew to the 2018 collegiate road national championships in Grand Junction, CO (May 4-6, 2018). Our line up:

Kat Salthouse-Montaney
Year: Grad
Major: MS MIS
Events: TTT, Road Race, Crit

Cara O’Neill
Year: Freshman
Major: Biochem
Events: TTT, Road Race, Crit

Brianna Talbot
Year: Senior
Major: Aerospace Engineering
Events: ITT/TTT, Road Race

Sydney Friedman
Year: Senior
Major: Psychology/Math
Events: TTT, Road Race, Crit

Chloe Welch
Year: Freshman
Major: Anthropology
Events: TTT, Road Race, Crit

Shelby Hoglund
Year: Grad, MS
Major: SWES
Events: TTT, Road Race

Adam Bryfogle
Year: Freshman
Major: Physiology
Events: Road race, Crit (maybe TTT)

Nikita Lindgren
Year: Senior
Major: Economics
Events: TTT, Road Race

Joey Iuliano
Year: PhD
Major: Geography/Planning
Events: TTT, Road Race, Crit

Marcello Cesario
Year: Sophomore
Major: Physics
Events: TTT, Road Race, Crit

2018 Recap- Part 2


Robbie BMX nats

What about BMX you ask? For the first time ever in team history, we sent a member to BMX nationals in West Monroe, LA! Robbie Spanyard finished 5th on Saturday but was crashed out on Sunday during the qualification rounds. He still finished 11th after two days of racing!

What about road? Well, we’re still dominating there as well. Cara O’Neill has a lock on the women’s A points race and on the men’s side Adam Bryfogle is in the lead (over 4 of his UA teammates)! Just two weekends of collegiate racing remain before we get ready for road nationals.



2018 Kick Off

Do you love bikes?


Interested in joining one of the best collegiate cycling teams in the nation? Our spring call out is 1/11 at 5:30pm in the Architecture building (also known as CAPLA), room 103!

We’ll cover how to join, perks of joining, the spring race calendar, and more! Dues are just $40 and race fees, where we cover your entry fee and travel to collegiate races, are an additional $60.

Welcome Back!

Welcome back, Wildcats! We’re excited to get the 2017-18 school year started! Interested in joining? Come to our info meeting on Thursday, 8/24 at 5:15pm in the Presidio room of the Union!


Nationals Recap!

They say a picture speaks a thousand words…so here are a few that sum up an incredible national championships!

9 riders (6 men, 3 women)
1x national title (Erica Clevenger, road race)
3x 2nd place- ITT, Crit, Omnium (Erica)
2x 6th place- men’s TTT (David, Josh, Joey, Nikita), and men’s crit (David)
2x10th place- men’s ITT and crit (Josh)

3rd in the team omnium for this nationals; 5th in the nation when you include CX, MTB, Track, and BMX.

We’re some goofy kids
erica crit
Erica during the crit


Josh crit
Josh in the crit


david and josh
David and Josh riding in the crit


eric crit podium
Erica on the podium for the crit
Erica on the top step for the road race
Erica on the top step for the road race!


We couldn’t have gotten there without the support of our sponsors and the donors who gave during our crowdfunding campaign! Thank you, again, for your support!

Deseray Ford
Melanie & Kyle Colavito
jane berger
Donald Melhado
Daniel Quigley
Bob Beane
Chloe Woodruff
Marjorie Crowdes
Dorothee Harmon
anthea dixon
Linda Smith
Kerri Guehrer
Tom Fahey
Micaela Agyare
joly dixon
Leo Carrillo
James Foley
David Little
Noah Barker
Patricio Becerra
Randy Bimestefer
Brian Wilver
Miguel Folch
John Harrison
Trish Greif
Kathleen & Jon Greif
JJ Folsom
Darryl & Mary Jurkiewicz
Sam LeFebre
Melanie Beale
Patricio Becerra
Silvio Menezes
Natalie O’Farrell
Phillip Downard
Carolina Baldwin

Welcome back Wildcats!


Welcome back Wildcats!

We hope you had a restful summer and are ready for the new school year! Our group rides will start on 8/22/16 (see the ride page). First meeting will be on 8/25, 6pm in the Presidio room of the Union. There are NO tryouts, just team dues ($40 for the year)- all we ask is that you come to rides and events with a positive attitude and an open mind. You can make what you want from this team. If your goal is to go pro, we have the support structure to help. If you want to just do some group rides here and there, we got you there too.
Make sure to join our e-mail list and our Facebook group!

We’re also excited to announce a number of new sponsors:
-Smith Optics
-The Damion Alexander Team (part of Long Reality)
-KTM Bicycles
-Hair Science
Read more about these companies, and our returning sponsors, on the sponsor page!

Looking forward to seeing you on the road or trail soon!

Nationals Report

From Cherry Niel:
The University of Arizona Cycling Team just returned from 2016 Collegiate Road Nationals in Marshall, North Carolina with some of the best results our team has ever had! Our 8-person team trained for months specifically for this incredible event, and each of us put our heart into the races against the top collegiate teams in the nation.

Driving to and from Marshall was a long journey, but the team bonded over being stuck in a car together for 36 hours of traveling and also improved our Tetris-like skills when packing the trailer. With only a small trailer hauled by a Suburban, we somehow fit in 9 bikes, 28 wheels, 3 trainers, 2 work stands, and everyone’s bags. We encountered rain, humidity, and trees everywhere immediately when we arrived in Marshall – not quite the climate we are used to in Tucson!

The road race on Friday began with a rainy start for the women, but soon cleared up and UA’s Erica Clevenger placed 5th overall. The men’s race was much warmer, and Kyle Trudeau placed 15th, narrowly avoiding a gnarly crash that occurred only seconds past the finish line. On Saturday, we headed to Burnsville for the collegiate criteriums. With a steep downhill into a 150° left turn and an immediate uphill, the course was exciting to watch, but also an invitation for crashes. Both UA riders David Greif and Kyle Trudeau were involved in crashes; Kyle was issued a temporary bike from the support pit, but David’s crash unfortunately separated him too much from the main group to catch back on. Kyle finished 16th and David 21st out of a huge field of 100 men. During the women’s crit, Erica Clevenger rode her way to 17th place. At the Team Time Trial on Saturday, the women placed 9th and the men 6th. Additionally, Erica Clevenger came in 7th in the Individual Time Trial and Josh Pratt-Ferguson placed 8th.

As a relatively new competitor in cycling, it was an incredible experience just to attend collegiate nationals. When I first came to college, I would never have expected to visit so many places and race bikes with such amazing teammates. Watching my teammates score victories always reminds me that all it takes to get there is hard work, and seeing their results at nationals really reinforces that idea.

Finally, without our sponsors and contributors, this trip would never have happened. Even though we are not a varsity team, we still compete and place amongst their riders. Our sponsors give us the means to do so and without them, we could not have traveled this season (or beat ASU). Thank you to everyone who has supported us in any capacity this season!”

You can also find some photos and videos of the weekend on our Facebook page.

Fundraising success

Our spring crowdfunding campaign was a huge success! We raised $3,493 for our nationals trip! SoAZtt_Tyler_Baker

We couldn’t have done it without the generous donations from our supporters!
Mari Barnes
Ian Barr
Michele Beeson
Adam Borders
Debbie Bovee
Eric Case
David Castro
Jesse Charles
Marc Clevenger
Melanie Colavito
Jack Eyre
Beth Ferry
Deseray Ford
Lentell Fyffe
Ariana Gil
Jon Greif
Kerri Guehrer
steve herzog
Chelsea Hoglund
Kevin Holmes
William Hughes
Robert & Laura Hunter
Lucy Jennings
jeanne and donald jennings
Bruce Johnson
Donette Kendall
Matthew Knatz
Joseph LaMantia
Erin Lauterbach
Steve Meyers
Dave and Dana Milne
Horny Toad Hustle Mountain Bike Race
Ben Pratt-Ferguson
Joel Snyder
Jennifer Steinmann
David Stout
Arthur Telles
Amanda Trudeau
Dave & Pam Trudeau
Patrice White
Thomas Wilson
Brian Wilver
Dave Winckler
Chloe Woodruff
Morgan Zornes