Fall 2021 Welcome back, Wildcats!

Welcome back, Wildcats! After a year of laying low, we’re SO EXCITED to get back to riding, racing, and hanging out with everyone who loves bikes!

If you love bikes (any type and racing or otherwise), then we are the place for you! Our team rides road, mountain, CX, and more. We have daily team rides, tons of opportunities to race, and weekly meetings to help you learn more and get more out of your bike. If you’re new to UA, refer to our sticky post for common questions for new members.

Our first meeting is THURSDAY, AUGUST 26th from 6-6:50 PM in Harvill 428. MASKS ARE REQUIRED! At our first meeting, we’ll discuss what we do, perks for joining, and how to join. Dues are $40 for the year and can be paid via cash, check, PayPal, and Venmo.

To receive team e-mails and other updates, join our e-mail list and FB group! Go to: https://list.arizona.edu/sympa/
Log in with your UA net id (or create an account if you don’t want to use your school e-mail).
In the left search for uacycling
Follow the steps to join from there
On this website, you’ll also be able to browse the archive to see anything you’ve missed.

If you have Facebook, you can join our member group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/uacycling
All activities are cross-posted on FB and the e-mail list.

Spring Update

We hope everyone had a restful break and you’re ready for the new semester! Here are some updated for the team and how you can get involved:

1.) Contact us on how to join. Dues are $40 and get you a team mask, water bottle, plus access to all our sweeeeet sponsor discounts!

2.) Once you’ve joined, you can come on our rides. Currently:
Mondays @ 8 AM: skill practice at Rillito Downs. We’ll work on turns, sprints, and other handling drills.
Wednesdays @ 9 AM: Foothills ride. I’ll lead a group into the foothills for some fun (and sometimes steep!) hills. Expect ~30-40 miles and 8-10 hills, but you can turn back at any point in time. We’ll re-group at the top of each hill.
Thursdays @ 8 AM (weather permitting): doughnuts at the park. We’ll meet at the park off Bonita and Congress for doughnuts and empanadas (provided by the team). We may swap this to the afternoon if it is chilly.

Later in February: time trial series. We’ll do a ‘most improved’ rider award over the course of 4 time trials—more details when we get closer to that.
General requirements from the school for all rides:
1.) Only current team members can attend rides
2.) Complete the Wildcat Wellness Check before the ride: https://wellcheck.arizona.edu/
3.) Complete a weekly COVID test. On campus is the easiest, and they use the new saline swish instead of the nasal swab.
4.) Masks are required.
We hope to see you on the road soon! Bear Down!

Tips for Incoming Freshmen

First, we’re super excited to meet all the new members joining in the fall! Mountain, CX, BMX, Track, or Road- you’ll find a home on the Arizona Cycling Team!

We wanted to share some common questions that we see:
1.) Where do I keep my bike on campus?
A: Unfortunately, the university doesn’t allow bikes to be stored in the dorms. It’s a real hassle and something we’ve been working on for a while. However, the best bet is to reserve a bike locker through Parking and Transportation or one through the Rec Center:

You should be able to find one close to your dorm. These are fiberglass cases anchored to concrete pads with a unique lock. There is enough space in one to store a bike, a pump, and some tools. To date, PTS has never had a bike stolen from a locker.
2.) How do I join?
A: We’ll have our first meeting on Thursday, 8/25 at 6 PM. The location is TBD. We’ll review how the team operates, how collegiate racing works, and so on. You can pay dues ($40 for general membership + an additional $60 if you want to race) via Venmo, PayPal, cash, or check.
3.) What are race fees?
A: We have two types of memberships: general and racing. General membership ($40) gets you access to all our sweet sponsors, kit orders, a team bottle, etc.
If you want to race with us, you’ll pay an additional $60 for each semester you want to race. In turn, we’ll cover all the entry fees, lodging, and gas associated with the collegiate races in that semester (fall = MTB and CX; spring = road). Each semester has eight race weekends. On average, you’d spend $60 on one weekend of racing if you paid it out of pocket- the fees pay for themselves very quickly.
4.) Do you have any kits in stock?
A: Maybe. We don’t keep a large inventory on hand, but you can e-mail us and ask. We do a new order in September.
5.) How do the categories work?
A: Collegiate cycling is slightly different than the USA Cycling categories. Roughly:
A = Pro, 1, 2, or 3 for the road and CX; Pro/1 for mountain
B = 3 or 4 for road and CX; 2 for mountain
C = 4 or 5 for road and CX; 3 for mountain. You can move up the categories based on the points you earn at finishes. You can also use your USAC category to earn upgrades as well:
6.) Do I need a USA Cycling license?
A: If you plan on racing, yes! You’ll purchase the collegiate racing license, and that will also give you a free domestic license (needed to race non-collegiate events):
7.) What if I’ve never raced?
A: That’s ok! You don’t have to race to be a member of our team, although we do encourage everyone to try it once.
You can read more about the team on the “About the Team” page and contact us (uacyclingclub(at)gmail.com) if you have other questions or let us know you’re heading to UA!
8.) How do I get team updates?
A: Go to: https://list.arizona.edu/sympa/
Log in with your UA net id (or create an account if you don’t want to use your school e-mail).
In the left search for uacycling
Follow the steps to join from there
On this website, you’ll also be able to browse the archive to see anything you’ve missed.

We’ll discuss how to join the team Discord once the semester starts.